About The Debate Format

Why Open Debate Questions?

Election debates should be accountable to one constituency: the public.

Open Debate Questions make candidate questioning more transparent and accountable. Anyone can submit a question, in public, and the questions are voted on by the people who most need to be informed about the candidates' positions — the local electorate. Candidates who will be participating in the debate are free to visit the site and monitor the most popular questions along with everybody else, if they want to prepare for the questions that are most likely to be asked. If they do, that's great — it means they're listening to you, their future constituents.

By making the submission and voting process fully public and transparent, Open Debate Questions ensure that the topics covered in election debates reflect the interests and priorities of the voters, rather than campaign operations and corporate media.

How it works

Anybody can submit a question, which will immediately be posted publicly. To submit a question, we ask that you provide your name, email address and zip code. That way, people will know whether the question is coming from a local voter, and we can contact you if your question is chosen for the debate. Your name and zip code will be made public alongside your question, but don't worry — your email address will never be posted publicly.

You can browse through all the submitted questions, sorted either by popularity (number of votes cast) or date (most recently submitted questions first) — and you can also view all submitted questions on a map to see where the questions are coming from.

Anybody can vote on their favorite questions. You can vote any number of times, but can only cast one vote per question. To ensure that people are not voting multiple times for the same question, we ask all voters to supply an email address and zip code. Your zip code, and the votes you have cast, may be made public, but your email address will not be posted publicly.

Although anybody can cast a vote, the moderators will select questions from among the most popular locally -- within Massachusetts. (In the coming days we'll be adding a separate vote tally so that you can see how many votes were cast for each question within Massachusetts, as well as nationally.) If you're not within Massachusetts, you can still vote (as a way of pushing your favorite questions to the top of the list for Massachusetts voters to see) and share your favorite questions on Facebook and Twitter so your friends in Massachusetts know to vote for them.

Just prior to the debate, we will select the questions to be asked during the debate by selecting from among the top 50 questions within Massachusetts. If your question is selected, we may contact you by email.

We reserve the right to remove questions from the site that contain vulgar language, advertisements, or other inappropriate content.

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